I’m the last stop between you and the darkness that awaits you.

Person of Interest, Gizoogled. [x]

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I lost that part of myself a long time ago… not sure if I can find it… not sure it matters anymore. Maybe it’s better this way, maybe it’s up to me to do what the good people can’t. Or maybe there are no good people, maybe there are only good decisions.

Person of Interest, Gizoogled. [x]

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 I recognize, Mr. Reese, that there’s a disparity between how much I know about you and how much you know about me. I know you’ll be trying to close that gap as quickly as possible. But I should tell you… I’m a really private person.


Just a machine.

It’s going to be a good episode. (x)

It must be this job.




oh reese. 

you reaction is what made that part hilarious. 

The odd couple.