Jim in The Prisoner ~~ Number Six

Never Ending List of Celebrity Crushes: 
Jim Caviezel. 

16/Insert a semi-inappropriate joke about being a prisoner here. 


Then & now: Kiss edition

Don’t get too jealous girls, it’s bad for your skin!

All that came to my mind was "Kissin’ bitches wutttt"


Jim Caviezel as Six in The Prisoner EP1


Here, enjoy some really intense Caviezel arm!porn.



The Prisoner|Part Three

This was a good series. Thank you for sharing these caps.

The third gif: 

*Bad Australian accent*
"Now, if you hold very still. You can see a wild Caviezel appears! Please, no flash photography, we don’t want to scare him off. This is a very rare happening and we are so lucky for him to be so close."

The Prisoner;