A Cute Reese/Finch/Bear Fic (Violetirrelevant)

Reese and Finch had finished working on a case and were headed back towards the library, Bear was in tow; Finch held on to his leash as they made the journey back- the two men discussed the case when there was a crack of thunder from the darkening sky; both adverted their attention upwards as did Bear. 

It was only a few seconds later when the skies started dumping buckets of water to the streets below, people scurried to get out of the rain, Reese and Finch were able to make it to the cover of the library in enough time to avoid getting soaked, but in the dash to safety, Bear’s leash slipped from Finch’s hand and the dog was caught in the down pour. 

Reese called to Bear, who happily trotted to the library, the Belgian Shepard entered the library and before either of the men could act, Bear shook all the water from his fur- splattering them with cold, dirty water; Reese slowly opened his eyes and smiled as he looked to Finch who had a obvious look of displeasure as he glasses were speckled with water- “You had to have the dog,” Finch said as Reese smiled sheepishly and Bear let his tongue hang from his mouth as he took a seat on his haunches. 

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