Reese is sick and Finch has to take care of him. (Thebluecastleinthesky)

Reese has had to deal with bank robbers, kidnappers, corrupt cops and all sorts of other low life’s that surface through the machine; he’d been shot, sliced and beat up by a variety of these people, but the one number that sidelines him (worse than when he was shot in the gut and leg) was a seven year old that happened to be running a fever during their rescue.

Two days later, Reese had the flu, not just the sniffles and a cough but the full blown viral disease; coughing, congestion, fatigue, vomiting, fever and chills- despite being wrapped in a large coat and a blanket he was still shivering, “Finch,” He started, his whisper-like voice barely audible through his congestion, “I’m dying.” 

Finch shook his head as he looked at the over-the-counter medicine label, “You’re aren’t dying, you have the flu,” Finch said as he opened the box and broke open one of the foil packs, “Just take this medicine and you’ll feel better, I promise,” Finch handed him the medicine but Reese refused to take it, Finch blinked lazily- annoyed with how childish Reese was acting, this was going to be a long day.

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  2. darklysnarky said: This is how I felt after catching the stomach flu not too long ago (LIKE I WUZ DYING)! Wish Finch had been around to make me feel better, LOL. This was both sweet and adorable! Kudos!
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