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Harold burns the turkey because he gets distracted, Reese cooks the rest of thanksgiving dinner, and Bear has to sit at the kiddie table. (shawarma-palace)

The scent of burned poultry still lingered, a faint haze of smoke slightly obscuring the air- Finch had one job this Thanksgiving and that was to take the turkey out of the oven when the timer went off generally a very simple job, but apparently not when a book lover had recently gotten their hands on a new, rare edition novel. 

The table was set with all the fixings; stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, fresh rolls, homemade gravy and creamy butter; a feast- carefully prepared by Reese, except the center of the middle of the table was empty- the turkey had been ruined as it was over cooked to the point that it was drier than a desert. 

Finch and Reese sat at the table, filling their plates with the sides of the Thanksgiving dinner; Reese couldn’t tell if he and Finch were the lucky ones or Bear, who was enjoying the whole turkey to himself.

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